Are you tired of all the techno speak? Are you tired of being bombarded by all of the new "gadgets" and "quick fix software solutions"? Do you want a group of seasoned veterans who for the past 12 years have helped other small business owners in North Georgia make their computer systems work properly at a fair price? I'm like most of you out there. I don't mind paying for something as long as I feel like I got a value for my money, but often times it's the other side of the coin with our line of work. There are so many people that are self proclaimed experts who can talk the talk but not produce results after you pay good money time and time again. Are you tired of spending too much on your computers? Does your computer system still not work exactly like you want it to? Before I went into the computer service business I spoke with several successful business owners. I was told that if you offer your clients quality work, fair prices, and above all honesty, you will succeed. That is why I can offer you a list of references that have been doing business with us for the past 10 years or longer. We always view a new client as a relationship building process and a partnership. In many cases during the beginning of the relationship, we end up donating time to help our new clients clean up problems from past installs. We know that once you join the ISC family of satisfied customers you won't go anywhere else. Call ISC today and setup an appointment to speak with Steve Heimberger or Kent Ivey regarding your small business computer system. We will, free of charge, come out and discuss your needs and develop a plan that meets your goals and fits your budget.

Steve Heimberger - Partner

ISC offers several support options to fit any need and any budget. Here is a quick listing of available support plans with a brief explanation. For more information or to schedule a free onsite consultation please contact Steve Heimberger.

Time and Materials : This is the most basic service option we have. You call us when you need us and we make your problems disappear.

Block Time : This option allows clients to purchase a "block of hours" to use at anytime for any services. The more time you purchase the less expensive the rate per hour.

Block Time Agreement : This option is the same as the normal block time purchase, but the client agrees to purchase a set amount of hours per month for a term of 6 or 12 months. Again the more time your purchase the less expensive the rate per hour. This option qualifies for escalated priority, a dedicated workstation and server engineer, and more.

Corporate Service Agreement : This agreement is for clients that use more than 50 hours per month. This agreement affords the best discounts for rate per hour and qualifies for top of queue escalated priority, help desk, a dedicated workstation and server engineer, a dedicated senior network engineer and more.

ISmanagedservices™ Agreement : This agreement is for clients that want a flat fee all inclusive support agreement. Support options include: Help Desk and Unlimited Phone Support, Unlimited Remote Support, Unlimited Onsite Support (8am-5pm), Trouble Ticket Tracking, Reporting, and Client Portal, 24x7 Remote Performance, Health, and Security Monitoring on all equipment, and a dedicated support team including two dedicated workstation and server engineers, a dedicated senior network engineer and more.

Time and Materials Block Time Block Time Agreement Corporate Service Agreement ISmanagedservices™
End-User Support Hourly Discounted Hourly Discounted Hourly Discounted Hourly Unlimited
Help Desk Support -- --
Response Time / Priority -- -- High Higher Highest
30 Point Server Inspection -- -- Weekly Weekly Weekly
Network Security Inspection -- -- Monthly Monthly Weekly
Server Health Reports -- -- Weekly Weekly Daily
Monthly Reporting -- --
Client Portal and Service Call Tracking and Reporting -- --
Discounted Rate for Projects -- --
Dedicated Workstation and Server Engineer -- --
Senior Network Engineer -- -- --
Quarterly Strategic Planning Meeting and Review -- -- --
Unlimited Remote Support -- -- -- --
Unlimited Onsite Support -- -- -- --
24x7 Health and Security Monitoring -- -- Extra Charge Extra Charge
Barracuda Spam Filter -- -- Extra Charge Extra Charge
RBackup Offsite Data Backup -- -- Extra Charge Extra Charge
Emergency After Hours Response -- -- Extra Charge Extra Charge
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